Copperplate practice

I’m making it a goal to keep myself honest by uploading a scan of my best attempts at copperplate practice each month. Here is this month’s:

I particularly enjoyed “November” and in general find practice to be very zen.

I think I write better if I am imitating than if I am just writing something I have no model for (comparing the first line and last 4 lines to everything else). Maybe the point is to eventually have a good model in my head.

I need to work on spacing and on the letters p and f. Also, my consistency of slant is poor and my flourishes are shaky. Your critique is more than welcome. Please help me improve!

Quote: Third Star
Lessons: EL Brown
Ink: Higgins Fountain Pen India Ink
Nib: Hunt 101
Paper: Clairefontaine (from a French supermarket, apparently commonly used by middle schoolers)