Trash Panda!

Last week I read this article where someone on Twitter called mainland Chinese “the biggest trash pandas.” I don’t know much about its origin or if it’s a slur or what, but I love it. I think I identify as “trash panda.” You know that saying about one man’s trash being someone else’s treasure? You can guess which side of that equation I’m usually on.

So, these are the things that this trash panda found at the Goodwill and Salvation Army yesterday.

A vintage Pyrex Cinderella Butterprint 4 quart mixing bowl. Which I’ll probably keep for storing soup from my baby soup machine.

A vintage Pyrex Cinderella Gooseberry 2.5 quart mixing bowl. I’ll probably sell this one. Or maybe keep it until I’ve found the entire set, then sell.

And a pair of hair shoes. Yes, that’s real hair. (Okay, fur). Bizarre and amazing. I can’t find any information about them. Even the sizing is nonstandard (not US and not EU). I can’t walk in heels though, so these will be for events so special I don’t expect to walk more than a few dozen steps, total.

Pretty Puff’s key

Right. So. If you’ve ever been to my room, you’ve seen this pony. Yes, I’m too old for this, but I’ve had it since I was little, so that counts for something, right? She’s magic. The saddle opens up if you twist a key in her chest. But… I lost the key.

How could I have lost the key!

This is the basest fear of a hoarder’s heart. This is why we have such a hard time giving anything away without staring at each item, paralyzed, for 10 minutes. What if we feel the regret that we feel every time we look at our keyless Pretty Puff. Here’s the key:

If you ever find this key anywhere, I would mean the world to me if you’d buy it for me. I’ll pay you back. You’ll have my undying affection. You’ll probably never see one unless you’re in the habit of digging through baby toys at second hand stores.

It’s sort of sad that when  you ask me about my treasures, Pretty Puff makes the list, and I’m despondent all over again about her lost key. It’s just one of the worst feelings, losing something like that. At least I have a notion of heaven. It’s where I’ll be reunited with all of my lost things.

the free store

near the art department, there’s a bookshelf labeled “the free store”. usually, most of the things there look like trash — paint-splashed shorts, disposable sushi trays, disheveled mcdonalds toys, empty film canisters. but once in a while, there are treasures. the above is the camera i found, with charger! when i found it, it could only take distorted pictures. i looked online to find out how much it would cost to fix it. it turned out that it was a manufacturing defect that was being fixed by sony for free. including shipping, both ways.

i love finding treasures. it just isn’t fun to buy things for full retail price after having experiences like this. next goal: learn to properly use the thing!

TWSBI 540 Diamond EF

Another wonderful birthday present:

That’s what it looks like unfilled. I can’t wait to fill it with something gorgeous like Iroshizuku Murasaki Shikibu (try to guess what color that is before clicking on the link). Up to now, I’ve had the most experience with Lamy extra fine pens. While those are good, reliable writers, none of my Lamys write nearly as smoothly as the TWSBI. This pen glides like a dream. It has the added bonus of being easy to refill without taking anything apart. Sure, for $56 you could probably buy 560 Bic pens. But then you’d have to write with Bic pens. *shudder*

Highly recommended, especially if you die for demonstrators like me.


Bearington Tiggles Turtle

When I was about 10, my mother and I found a musical turtle that I loved. It was soft and had a sweet face. But my mother insisted that we gift him to my younger cousin. We did. That was a pity, since I think she preferred remote control dinosaurs anyway. I never saw my turtle again, but once in a while I still search for him online.

This isn’t my turtle, but his name is “Bearington Tiggles” — and could be the brother of my lost turtle. I might have to start a blog dedicated to the best things in the world that are for sale. How can anyone not love a soft turtle in a bow tie who plays the Brahms Lullaby?

Corn with face

I found treasure at the local Goodwill. It’s made of yarn or floss or something, and was only 99 cents.

I thought it would look better with a face. This is a common affliction of mine – personifying inanimate objects. So, I present, corn with face:

So much more cheerful, isn’t it?