Longchamp and Gudetama

Some of my thrift store finds from the past week include these:

A Betsey Johnson dress that’s only slightly too small: $3.50 — I thought of wearing it to a wedding. But there are so many possible faux pas. I know about the “you may not wear a white dress” rule, but maybe black is also out because it’s too funeralesque?

It’s fun doing authentication on the fly. There are a dozen tiny ways to differentiate an authentic Longchamp Le Pliage from a knockoff, and here’s the super guide on all the ways. This bag was $6.99 and passed all the tests. Sadly, it has a bubbling problem, but maybe the local Longchamp store can help me.

I am a super fan of gudetama. I had considered subscribing to Ipsy for the one month they offered a gudetama bag even though I never use makeup (I don’t know how. Plus, I was traumatized as a child. Okay, I’ll tell that story at the end of this post). But I didn’t have to. I found all of these for $0.99-$1.99. The little notebook is an inspiration. It made me want to learn bookbinding — all of its pages are different kinds of paper. There are even stamps embedded in waxed envelopes. The Dodocase is for an iPad I don’t own, so it’s going on eBay.

Okay, story time. When I was 7 or so, my mom enrolled me in a Jesus summer camp. Mostly because it was the cheapest option available. It was run out of a Chinese church, so they had me doing a fan dance at the finale special of the summer. It was my introduction to makeup. They slathered it on so thick that I couldn’t move my face. Also, have you ever had eyeliner or mascara applied? It’s terrifying! There’s this thing they keep poking straight towards your eye. And they scream “DON’T MOVE OR I WILL POKE YOUR EYE OUT!” But it’s kind of hard not to move when a poking thing keeps coming at your eye… For what felt like hours after, I felt the makeup cracking whenever I moved my face. I thought it was my face cracking so I tried not to move my face at all. Terrifying, I tell you. Now I’m against. Not just for this reason, though I admit it’s a better reason.

Trash Panda!

Last week I read this article where someone on Twitter called mainland Chinese “the biggest trash pandas.” I don’t know much about its origin or if it’s a slur or what, but I love it. I think I identify as “trash panda.” You know that saying about one man’s trash being someone else’s treasure? You can guess which side of that equation I’m usually on.

So, these are the things that this trash panda found at the Goodwill and Salvation Army yesterday.

A vintage Pyrex Cinderella Butterprint 4 quart mixing bowl. Which I’ll probably keep for storing soup from my baby soup machine.

A vintage Pyrex Cinderella Gooseberry 2.5 quart mixing bowl. I’ll probably sell this one. Or maybe keep it until I’ve found the entire set, then sell.

And a pair of hair shoes. Yes, that’s real hair. (Okay, fur). Bizarre and amazing. I can’t find any information about them. Even the sizing is nonstandard (not US and not EU). I can’t walk in heels though, so these will be for events so special I don’t expect to walk more than a few dozen steps, total.