The $5 Challenge

I found $5 blowing past me while walking down Clement street. No one was chasing it, so it was mine. I was so inspired, I came up with the $5 challenge. I’m going to track this $5 and see how much I can make out of it by buying and flipping things. Of course, the actual spend went on a credit card, and this inspirational runaway bill is being saved for posterity, but you get the picture. Here’s a picture. Of the actual $5 bill I found

My first transaction was these two Bodum Yohki glass storage containers (68 oz) for $1.99 each

and this vintage red Dymo labeller for $0.99

I’ve posted them for sale, and we’ll see where this goes.

Total spent: $4.97
Total earned: $0.00
Total remaining: $0.03

Feel free to join me with your own $5 challenge if it would amuse you.

Corn with face

I found treasure at the local Goodwill. It’s made of yarn or floss or something, and was only 99 cents.

I thought it would look better with a face. This is a common affliction of mine – personifying inanimate objects. So, I present, corn with face:

So much more cheerful, isn’t it?