Striped iPhone covers

Is your iPhone still wandering the streets completely naked? Poor thing. It could catch pneumonia or fall and get a bad scrape. Here are some more iPhone clothes I’ve made!

Noro turquoise and charcoal gray striped (ok, only the turquoise is Noro, the charcoal is another 100% wool yarn).

Bumble bee striped!

I might try some cable patterns next. Exciting.

Magic stripe coasters

magic stripe coasters

These coasters were made by modifying this pattern from Sara’s Colorwave Yarns. I just made them smaller, about 4″x4″. You see, the couch at my mom’s house is made of dark red velvet, like something out of a haunted house. Nonetheless, she wanted me to make her something to keep her tea mug from melting unsightly rings into the couch arms where she set them down.

Where’s the magic, you may ask. The stripes are horizontal on one side, and vertical on the other! If that’s not magical, I don’t know what is.

I guess they’re not very useful, unless you have, say, a Giant Microbe or something that’s particular about where it sits. I have the cold virus, and besides being a fan of a very particular shave ice shack on the North Shore, he also only likes to set his little virus feet on my magic coasters. See? Cozy as a … cold on a coaster.

cold virus

My First Cable

bear with scarf

Introducing my St. Bernard, Bear. He’s a patient and willing model of winter wear because it makes him nostalgic for his ancestral home in the Swiss Alps. I found this pattern on Ravelry, but the pattern for it is from the Island of Misfit Patterns and can be found here. It’s an unusual pattern, and I was fond of the little diamonds in the middle. Here’s a more detailed picture of the texture:

cable scarf detail

I couldn’t find a good chunky weight yarn I liked, so I made a few changes.

Finished size:
5 inches wide, about 8 ft. long, post-blocking

US size 7 needles
2 skeins Paton’s Classic Wool in “Natural Mix” (5st/in)

Overly enthusiastic steam-iron blocking which widened the scarf by at least 2 inches.

This being my first blocking experience, I followed the steam iron by an ice pack then rolled up the whole scarf (now flattened and widened) and stuck it in the fridge all afternoon. So quick and easy! Not to mention the hilarity of having others see it in there and wonder about my strange appetites.

bear with scarf 2

Doesn’t Bear look so dashing and debonair?

Noro striped scarf

Useful things first:

1. Step-by-step instructions from nothing gets crossed out.

2.  brooklyntweed‘s gorgeous noro scarf which inspired me to make my own.

Now, on to the less useful things. Such as my dire warning that if you’re the least bit OCD, you will hate yourself for starting this project. If having a few inharmonious stripes will make you tear your hair out, or if you have an image of your end result that you’re emotionally attached to, don’t do this to yourself.

Me? I started over about 4 times. Yes, and each time the dread creeped in slowly. It would start with a slight discomfort and become a raging “I CANNOT LIVE WITH THIS HORRID STATE OF AFFAIRS!” Because I just didn’t see any other way, I committed the unthinkable and striped one ball against *gasp* itself. That, my friends, is how you get deformed babies, I’m told. At one point, I pulled all 4 balls of Noro apart and re-balled them according to color. That’s what that mess in the first picture is. I wish I were joking.

If you’re OCD, but you also can’t help how much  you want to have a striped Noro scarf, here are my recommendations. You could use the trick in Useful thing #1, wherein only two skeins of Noro are used, and the contrasting color is a solid charcoal Cascade yarn. Or, you could choose one of your contrasting colors to be low in variance. I recommend  Noro Silk Garden 252:

Here’s my nearly 3/4ths finished scarf. Don’t be too hard on it. Don’t make my poor scarf cry just because you think it’s ugly.

 Good luck! Let me know how your project turns out, won’t you?