Drop and Giftagram

Aka, let’s burn some investor money! Don’t you want $60 worth of hipster gift things for only $10* out of pocket? Things like macarons, pour over coffee kits, or a meat of the month box? Then let’s begin.

First, download Drop. It’s a cash back shopping app where you link credit or debit cards, activate offers that interest you, then click through Drop to complete the offers to get cash back. Link the credit or debit card you want to use.

Then, look for the Giftagram offer in the Drop app and load it. It should look like the following screenshot. 30,000 Drop points can be converted to $30 in Amazon gift cards. So the offer is spend $40, get $30 back.

Now, download Giftagram and input my referral code for $20: Dy248638.

That’s it! You can buy something on Giftagram that would’ve cost you $60+, but with the $20 referral credit from Giftagram and the $30 back in gift cards through Drop, you’re spending just $10 out of pocket. Be sure you link the card you want to use for the purchase through Drop first. Also make sure your total at checkout is at least $40 so that you get the points with Drop. This can include shipping and tax charges: all that Drop sees is the final $ amount.

* Plus tax, and assuming you value Amazon gift cards at face value