Banana Republic Shopcard Haul


BR recently did a promotion, giving out $10 Shopcards for subscribing to texts. As it turned out, you could text “STOP” to stop receiving messages and then re-subscribe for a new Shopcard. I got 4, but I read about others who got 30+

Out of pocket cost: $3.85

Total items purchased: 8

Original MSRP: $236.50

Between deals like this, clothing swaps and Goodwill, I spend basically no money on new clothes.


Get paid to save electricity

My one goal in life is to maximize profit and minimize work. A friend introduced me to a new app that pays you to save energy. If you’re a California resident, you can get paid up to $300 a year just by using less electricity at certain times. The app is called OhmConnect, and you get $20 just for signing up. [Note: that is a referral link, and I’m grateful if you choose to use it, but I am not affiliated with OhmConnect.]


How it works: you connect it to your energy provider (like PG&E), and then you can see your energy usage on your OhmConnect dashboard. During certain times, when there is a larger demand for energy and your electricity provider is at risk of needing to buy energy from less efficient/more expensive sources, you’re alerted about an “OhmHour.” If you keep your energy usage below a given threshold during that time, you get paid! Points are worth 1 cent, and OhmConnect pays out via Paypal, at your request.

It may not be much money, but it’s very little effort, and probably adds up to enough to pay for one overpriced coffee per week. If you’re a California resident, why not!