Cigarette cards: coronation series

Coronations in England were so fancy that each person even had an assigned outfit. It’s hard for me to tell someone important from servants just by looking. Well, except the guy with a horn, I guess.

Maybe the super fancy ones wear capes? Let’s bring capes back. Yes, indeed.


Cigarette Cards: badges

R.A.F badges. I’m sad they’re in such poor shape. The stories on the backs seem interesting.

War decorations & medals. The King Albert medal was awarded to those who helped Belgians in distress. Oh, and it was awarded by the British monarch. Oddly specific.

Assorted badges.


Cigarette Cards: Flags

I’ve recently acquired a lot of cigarette cards, many from the early 20th century. I don’t know much about them, just that they’re great marketing. This would be my biggest incentive for taking up a habit like smoking, anyway. I’ll try to post once a week to share the collection. Today, the flags:

The really neat thing is that the backs have explanations. In particular, check out the description of France. It’s a synopsis of the relationship between France and Great Britain. As for the “close friendship” between the two nations, I know at least one Frenchman who might disagree.

Both of these first two sets from a series of 50. I sort of want to collect them all. I could almost justify it because they’re educational. Who knew Argentina’s coat of arms featured a red hat on a stick?

This last singleton is from a different tobacco company: Flags of the Empire. I think my entire collection was made for a British audience. This is another surprising thing I never knew. The Nigerian flag once had a Star of David? Was there ever a large Jewish presence there?


Until next time!