New to the blog? Start here. It’s where all of the useful information begins, how you can have a beautiful life without any drudgery traditionally known as a “job” — most things mentioned will require very little of you. Just an internet connection and a working camera. Not even a degree of any kind.

About me

If I were a saint, I would be the patron saint of hopeless dreamers. The more improbable and delightful, the better.

I only ever had one well-defined goal in life: to be the Duchess of Devonshire. You know that trite old thing they tell you when you’re growing up about how you can be whatever you want to be as long as you work hard enough? Either they lack imagination or they think that you do. Sadly, I have no chance of reaching my only-ever life goal. If yours is even mildly interesting, you probably don’t either. These things can’t be helped.

That being said, impossibility has never stopped me from indulging my foolish flights of fancy. Neither should it stop you. Dream with me, darlings.

I am an atheist, which has led people to think I have no beliefs or values. Quite untrue. I value charm, curiosity, intelligence, quaintness, thoughtfulness, whimsy, truth, and all the rest of the Bohemian ideals.

Please remember, for your own health, that I’m a contrarian.

I have a shopping habit, so consequently I have an online store

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, i saw you on a different site, you said your not on there that much so I should check you out on here. So here I am, not sure what the hell Im doing but you looked like you were worth the trouble, not sure why but hey…


  2. Fade into the breeze as you please and dismiss all the expectations of what you think could be greed. A fair amount of life you feel you need to remember in coming days. Fighting off mediocrity.


  3. If for whatever reason the message(s) I sent you on OKC didn’t make their way to you, I wanted to thank you for this blog. Your thoughts are inspiring.


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