Thief River Falls

For book 7 of 2020, I read Thief River Falls. Like the previous book, this was also an Amazon First Reads book. From a long time ago that I never got around to reading. I used to be a fan of mystery novels, but I opted for a few on Amazon First Reads and they were so bad that it put me off the genre for a while. You know the kind: formulaic, bad writing assisted by thesaurus, a forced romance in there somewhere, unnecessarily detailed descriptions of people’s bodies. But this book does none of those things, and I didn’t even see the plot twist until nearly the end!

There is a lot of foreshadowing, and there are also many clues along the way that something unusual is going on because it’s mentioned frequently that the main character’s book is “coming to life.” Also, many of the plot points are extreme and require a suspension of disbelief. Do we really believe cops would want to kill a little boy? Or that a DA would go to the extreme of torture?

It’s hard to write about this book without giving too much away, but the writing was good and didn’t impede the story. The author did a good job of describing the scene and characters just enough that you could picture it, but not so much that the point was belabored and boring. When the plot twist is revealed, everything does make sense and you get a satisfying closure. There’s no stupid Deus Ex Machina fix to tie up the ending. Overall, a great book to take on your next plane ride or vacation.

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