The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock

For book 6 of 2020, I read The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock. This was a free monthly book for Amazon Prime members, and the reviews weren’t great. People found it boring, unreadable. What do they know.

Oliver Clock is a charming and relatable man. Maybe just relatable to millenials. He was in love with a business associate for years, but found himself unable to confess. She was in love with him too! But he didn’t find out until after she died. That’s around when the story starts. I thought the author did a good job with the inner life of a middle aged man trying to improve his life. It’s like a man version of Bridget Jones’s Diary. He’s a pushover and has to learn how to stand up for himself, get out of a relationship he doesn’t like, get his mother to stop meddling in his life, rescue his failing business. I didn’t find it boring at all.

There are two kinds of people: those who are inspired by examples of seemingly unachievable greatness, and those who are inspired by the opposite. I am the latter. For example, I find Donald Trump’s presidency inspiring. Much more inspiring than Barack Obama’s or than Hillary Clinton’s would’ve been. Why? Both Obama and Clinton are very smart people who have reasonably good credentials and work experience. It should be no surprise that they make good leaders, or that they were able to convince a country to elect them. On the other hand, Trump is an idiot with no relevant experience. His presidency shows me that truly anyone can be president of the United States. A cardboard box could be president. Now, how is this relevant to my book report? Well, Oliver Clock inspires me too. If he can get it together enough to innovate and save his business, stand up to his mom, all of that? I mean, he’s sort of an amoeba of a human. If he can accomplish all of that? Well, maybe so can I! Read this if you need some low-grade inspiration to become less of a grub and slightly more of a human being. The writing is easy, entertaining, pleasant: it doesn’t get in your way or in the way of the story.

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