Fix Stranded Inventory on FBA

If you found this, you’re probably dealing with the frustrating problem of stranded inventory on FBA. This post covers only the specific case of “Please review for quality issues.”

When you mouse over the reason, you’ll see “Your listing has been paused. This may be due to a listing quality issue, such as a pricing error. Review your listing and verify that all information is correct. To resume selling, click Edit, make the required updates to the listing, then click Save and finish.”

Contacting seller support probably got you some canned response about the “fair pricing policy” and “match the buy box.” Which won’t necessarily make sense, because this problem often happens to people who have the only offer, who match the buy box, or who are already lower than the buy box. It is a bug with the pricing bot, and seller support associates either cannot or simply won’t help you get your listing re-activated, even if fiddling with the price on your end isn’t working. So here’s what may work for you:

  1. Delete all offending listings. It’s not enough to close. You must select “Delete products and listings” from your Manage Inventory view.
  2. Re-list them with the same SKU as before. Where to find the SKU? It’s the first column on your “Fix Stranded Inventory” page. When you add a product, there’s a box labeled “Seller SKU” right under the price box. Be sure to fill that with the same SKU as the stranded item.

Now wait about 15 minutes, and your listings should be good as new! This refreshes the listings when seller support is unwilling to do so.

Note: there is some risk to using this workaround. There is always the chance that Amazon will be unhappy with you trying to go around their pricing bot and suspend you. However, if your items are stranded because the pricing bot is still buggy, and seller support won’t help, what choice do you have? After all, it doesn’t make sense from a pricing bot perspective that your competitors can charge the same or more, and your listing is the one that’s blocked.

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