Exchange BP gift cards for Arco

BP gift cards used to work at Arco, but in some areas, a system upgrade now prompts users for a PIN when they try to use a BP gift card at an Arco gas station, and these cards do not come with PINs. Here’s how to exchange your BP gift cards for Arco gift cards.

  1. Call the number on the back of the BP gift card: 1-800-519-3560.
  2. Follow the menu prompts to get to an operator. Tell the operator you have BP gift cards which no longer work at your local Arco stations, and you would like to exchange them for Arco gift cards. They will ask for a name, phone number, email address, and mailing address. Then they’ll instruct you to do the following:
  3. Email (no, that’s not a typo, it is “sservices”) with:
    • your name
    • a copy of the original receipt (when you purchased the BP gift card(s))
    • picture of the front of the gift card(s)
    • picture of the back of the gift card(s)

That’s it! According to customer service, you should receive a response/replacement within 7-10 business days.

3 thoughts on “Exchange BP gift cards for Arco

  1. I recently discovered that my BP giftcard no longer works at ARCO stations and followed these exact steps to request a replacement. My request was flat-out denied by BP corporate, with no substantial explanation why. Now I’m stuck with a $54 balance I can’t use because there are no BP stations anywhere near me. Has anyone on here tried these steps successfully? I’m wondering if I should bother to appeal their decision and ask to talk with a supervisor, or if it’s pointless and a waste of my time. Thanks in advance for any ideas/tips/success stories!


    1. Was your request denied via email? Mine was too. I responded saying that the gift cards did work when I purchased them but stopped working sometime thereafter, which is why I was left with an uneven amount. This worked, and they sent me replacements.


      1. Yes, it was denied via email. I will try your suggestion and hopefully it will work. Thank you for the advice!


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