Per la gloria d’adorarvi (part 2)

Having completed my last musical goal more or less to the best of my ability, I’ve decided to carry out a threat I made a long time ago here.

I started last week and I asked N about pronunciation. All romance languages are approximately the same, right? He referred me to a co-worker. “But does he even speak Italian?” I asked. “He has an Italian last name!”

I turned to youtube for research and listened to at least a dozen different versions. Most of them are offensive. They’re played too fast, they’re sung too staccato, the accompaniment makes it sound like a march. This is a song about suffering. And glory. Glory as a verb. Really, it should be more Bright Eyes and less opera. Which is why it’s the perfect piece for me to try. Heh.

Here’s the the closest to ideal I could find. Still a little … fancy for my taste. But I intend to sound something like this. I mean, the regular person/non-opera version of that.

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