I went to Portland a few weeks ago for no good reason. These are donuts from Blue Star: I only loved the lilikoi. The Mexican chocolate had spices that recalled Taiwanese beef noodle soup. Disturbing. I was going to share more food pictures, but what I ate wasn’t so much pretty as tasty. Fish sauce is popular on the food scene right now. Also, one ice cream place was having its yearly Halloween flavor specials. I sampled one with crickets and mealworms. It tasted okay, but left that gritty texture of bug bits in my mouth.

There was a theme of food windows. I saw a waffle window, a fish & chips window, and this man was performing his salesmanship out this bagel window around the corner from Voodoo Donuts. He told me about his giant 14 oz bagels. “Yeah me and my buddies were high and we thought, why not just make one BIG bagel? So we did.” Is there anything more Portland than that origin story?

We saw some art, but didn’t seek it.

We did drive an hour or so out of the way to see nature things. It mostly reminded me of Twilight though.

This was the view from Pittock Mansion on an inappropriately sunny Saturday.

Not pictured: the flight of local honey, 6 bars of chocolate, unbearably pretentious box of Earl Grey, 5 bottles of wine, artisan-hand-made blackberry sage soap, and bag of asiago black pepper puffs I got from the airport courtesy of my priority pass from CSR. Thank you Chase Bank, my closest friend*.

*by metric of frequency and volume of texts

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