Ringplus free cell service

Ringplus (R+) often runs promos for free cell service that has a 1 time fee that goes towards overages. Often these only last a few hours though, so prepare ahead of time. Here are the recommended steps:

1. Find a phone you know will work with R+

Make sure it’s a GSM phone, and enter the phone’s info here to check compatibility: https://my.ringplus.net/device_validation_requests/new

If the phone is not recognized, you can go in to a Sprint store and ask to have it added to the Sprint whitelist. Then check again.

2. Sign up for R+ promo alerts

Most promos do not allow existing users to upgrade, or have very limited upgrade capacity. So, you should sign up for alerts on SD or enter your email at the bottom of this page: https://promos.ringplus.net/ to get the most minutes/texts/data.

3. Start checking the sign up page early

R+ has some buggy issues where they frequently release promos early and they sell out quickly. Be ready when the promo goes live, or a little before, especially if it’s a good one.


Upgrades sell out even quicker, often within 15 minutes. They do not require an extra top-up, even if the new plan has a higher top-up requirement than your current plan. For example, if your current plan required a one time top up of $15, and your new plan has a $25 one, you do not have to pay the $10 difference when upgrading.

R+ referral program

It’s fussy, but they have one:

Complicated swapping waltz

If you have already signed up for R+ with a plan but you see a better one that you want on a particular handset, you can swap handsets. This requires you to have 3 R+ compatible phones available. (Copied from R+ discourse forum, but not tried personally)

Goal – swap 2 phones between 2 plans with aid of a 3rd phone or ESN
which is inactive, and swapping can be done immediately without a
waiting period. First make sure your RingPlus balance on each plan has
enough to cover the swaps. In this example $2 on Plan A, $1 on Plan B.
The plans do not have to be on the same RingPlus account.

Plan A – has Phone A
Plan B – has Phone B
Phone C is an inactive Phone or ESN

1) Plan A – swap from Phone A to Phone C
2) Plan B -swap from Phone B to Phone A
3) Plan A – swap from Phone C to Phone B
4) Phone C is back to being inactive

*Each of the 3 device swaps costs 99 cents each, so it costs about $3 to complete a three way swap as shown.

Canceling a free line ties up the phone until the next billing cycle if
you are trying to activate a NEW free line with the phone, just as if
the phone was swapped out of a free plan. Doing a device swap on a
different free plan to the phone from the canceled free plan works


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