Selling to Saveya could be risky

Since there are so many gift card reselling websites, it’s good to know which ones are reliable, and which ones would be better to avoid. Saveya has some of the highest rates for reselling, but I am cautious about using them going forward because I, and several others I’ve talked to, have been having issues with them.

Shipping problems

I have tried twice in the past month to ship gift cards to Saveya because they had the best rates for reselling some gas gift cards. Unfortunately, all gas gift cards need to be mailed in. This is usually not a problem, but with Saveya, the same shipment has run into problems twice now.

Here’s the timeline on the first attempt:

August 14 – gift cards shipped to Saveya via USPS
August 18 – USPS reports “Undeliverable as Addressed
August 29 – USPS reports “Moved, Left no Address
Sept 12 – gift cards returned to me

I emailed customer service, and they confirmed that the address was correct, but added “I sent this to our fulfillment center to look into. I will say we always suggest FedEx and not USPS.” I had not seen or heard that suggestion anywhere before the email. So, I was told to ship it again — that there shouldn’t be issues. I tried again, with a printed address label — I had handwritten the first. FedEx? I wasn’t going to pay $9 or whatever, when my margin was already low.

This time, USPS reported that “no secure delivery location was available“. No secure delivery location at 11:25 on a Friday morning — seems strange for a business. No mail box, no front desk? The first attempt took more than a month — that should’ve been my lesson. But now I’m for sure done with shipping cards to Saveya.

Depleted gift cards

My friend sfoflyer had an issue with selling gift cards electronically. Here’s the story in his words:

I sold 2 GAP gift cards to SaveYa, and they required me to enter the card number and PIN to verify the balance of each card. After I entered them, their website verified that the gift cards had the correct balance. Since I received a confirmation email, I thought it was done deal and I just had to wait for my check in the mail. I received my check 4 days later, then a week later SaveYa charged my credit card $120. I called their customer service — they didn’t know and had no clue and couldn’t help, really the worst customer service. I filed a dispute with my credit card company, then 2 weeks later SaveYa emailed me that the reason they charged my credit card was because “one of the gift cards balance was depleted”. It doesn’t make sense, because they charged me the full $120, which is what I was paid for both gift cards. I called customer service again, but it was the same….all the reps were completely clueless and unhelpful. So I just have to wait and hope Amex sides with me on this dispute.

Staples bait and switch

Esther of ‘dem flyers tried to sell Staples gift cards to Saveya after verifying with customer support that they do accept mailed print-outs of e-gift cards. She shipped the printouts, and when Saveya received them, they emailed her saying “Sorry, we only accept physical gift cards” and shipped them back to her. Here’s her experience:

I was supposed to be paid 93% per card and I sent in 39 printouts. Took me 20 min to print them all out because I had to click each link in a new tab.

It was a one day only rate and I confirmed by email the next day that it was ok to match the rate because I had submitted the order and that I could send in printouts.

Saveya responded

The purchase order saveya-[…] has e-certificates.  I know we discussed this prior to you sending them in; however, our system only accepts codes, not e-certificates.  I apologize and will be sending these back via FedEx for Wednesday delivery.

Esther also notes that her experience with customer service is frustrating because despite her status as a bulk seller, they never respond to her first email, requiring her to follow up with a second email every time she has a concern.


If nothing else, dealing with Saveya could be a waste of your time. But, with their non-transparent policies on depleted gift cards (Do they do an investigation? Do they contact the issuer and not just the customer who may be claiming fraudulently that the gift card has no value?), it could be a waste of money too. With so many gift card reselling sites competing for business, Saveya will have to do a lot better to stay competitive. I hope that they will start by investing in a mailbox that USPS can access, doing thorough investigations before charging seller’s credit cards and making their rules clear and consistent.


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