Don’t be a fool: designer labels

I’ve decided to do a series on the ways we’re being taken advantage of by business. Today’s post is on designer clothing and accessories, and was motivated by this article which claims that stars get paid up to $250,000 to wear a designer’s clothes on the red carpet. Note that if you get paid that much, two red carpet events is about all it takes to put you in the 1%. Yes, just for wearing a specific designer’s dress to an event a couple of times. I want that job.

Of course, it must make sense for major fashion houses to spend this kind of money — it’s a tiny part of their advertising budget and it reaches a wide audience. But what doesn’t make sense is for normal people (like most of us) to ever bother buying anything designer. I’ve heard arguments that we’re paying for quality, and while that’s partially true, I think the bigger part of the inflated price tags is advertising. Basically, when we average people buy designer, we’re using our small income (the median US income was $51,939 in 2013) to pay people who are in the top 0.001% or so. Pay them to do what? Pay them to fool more middle class/poor people like us into buying more of the designer’s overpriced goods.

Instead of being influenced by the hottest celebrity wearing a particular designer, try looking around your own town for people with accessories (most commonly, shoes, scarves, watches, handbags) from that designer. You’re not going to become a glamorous starlet like Chloe Moretz because you have a Coach bag.

More likely, you’ll still be the tired, overweight nurse in her scrubs riding the bus. Or the old Asian woman in her too-short jeans and garishly bright fleece from Old Navy. There are ways to achieve the timeless style in designer ads, but it isn’t by buying what they’re selling. Doing so would only be playing their fool.

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