Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum is located in a cute neighborhood full of French people. The restaurants, cafes and little card shops have a San Francisco hipster feel to them. But even more so. They out-organic, out-vegan us there any day. The museum is not only free, but one of the nicest I’ve been to.

Here’s the entry hall dome

And here is the spawn of Medusa and Chuthulu hanging from it

There are also these men lounging everwhere. Here, over a doorway and under an antlered thing who seems very suspicious of me.

This was the tomb of a cardinal, and was commissioned by a rival to make him look lazy. He does seem to be lounging rather than dead.

There’s something lovely about where this statue is placed. I was startled when I saw it.

I heard once that all the nudes in art were a form of proto-porn. I wasn’t sure about the claim, since most nude paintings I remembered didn’t seem particularly suggestive. This, however… Note that he was placed in a room full of religious art. Maybe the curator has a sense of humor.

These were giant and (I think) modern. Too bad the don’t sell copies of them in the store!

I think they moved an entire fancy baroque room from a hotel and put it in the museum.

The tea room. I was introduced here to a real strawberry shortcake. Yum.

Those are all the photogenic parts of the England part of our trip. Next, it’s on the Corsica!

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