Shaun the Sheep in London

Just got back last week from a two-ish month trip to Europe. We started in London where N’s friend has a spectacular flat near Leicester Square. Shaun the Sheep was everywhere, doing a promo tour for an upcoming movie.

I was first introduced to Shaun the Sheep last winter during a stay at N’s uncle’s house in the north of France. He doesn’t speak English and my French is incomprehensible. But we could both understand the language of sheep antics! He had a stack of Shaun DVDs for his grandson — or so he claimed. (He watched them nightly, even when his grandson wasn’t around.)

Here’s Shaun is in Trafalgar Square dressed as Napoleon:

And on the border of Green Park, another Shaun the Sheep! I overheard someone saying there were 47 around London.

A geometric / modern art Shaun in front of the British Council

A chinoiserie Shaun in Chinatown

A child spots Shaun! Shaun looks wary.

My favorite is the Cath Kidston Shaun. Pictured here staring at a man in purple hoodie. While he stared back.

I’m a little frightened of the smile-faced grey cloud on top of this Shaun’s head

Very meta

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