Happy Valentine’s Day!

Okay, I guess I’m a little late. These are some valentines from my childhood. This probably dates me. That Lisa Frank one was from my bff in elementary school and I still have entire sheets of Lisa Frank stickers. Maybe that will be another collection I share with you one day, if you’re good.

I can’t find all the Care Bears and My Little Pony ones that I know were my favorites though. I must have put them somewhere special for safekeeping and then forgotten where.

My inappropriate urge this Valentine’s day was, well, let me let you in on a little secret of mine: I am good at exactly one thing. Shopping. I’m brilliant at finding good deals, at finding unusual or valuable things, and at finding the perfect present for someone. This Valentine’s day I found a purse that my ex’s new girlfriend would love. It’s right up and down her alley. I had to work to resist the urge to Snapchat him and offer to get it. Wow, awkward. But, if you ask any of my friends, I do this for them all of them — it comes naturally.

I guess I live in a fantasy world where people are friends with their exes and everything is sunshine and rainbows. I’ll settle for us all having a nice dinner together someday.


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