Cigarette Cards: Flags

I’ve recently acquired a lot of cigarette cards, many from the early 20th century. I don’t know much about them, just that they’re great marketing. This would be my biggest incentive for taking up a habit like smoking, anyway. I’ll try to post once a week to share the collection. Today, the flags:

The really neat thing is that the backs have explanations. In particular, check out the description of France. It’s a synopsis of the relationship between France and Great Britain. As for the “close friendship” between the two nations, I know at least one Frenchman who might disagree.

Both of these first two sets from a series of 50. I sort of want to collect them all. I could almost justify it because they’re educational. Who knew Argentina’s coat of arms featured a red hat on a stick?

This last singleton is from a different tobacco company: Flags of the Empire. I think my entire collection was made for a British audience. This is another surprising thing I never knew. The Nigerian flag once had a Star of David? Was there ever a large Jewish presence there?


Until next time!


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