Kitten season at Animal Care and Control

I volunteer at San Francisco Animal Care and Control with the cats, and it’s like a free spa day. Nothing’s more relaxing than having a purring kitten in your arms. Interested? The next orientation is on June 14. More info on the SFACC website. It’s getting into the height of kitten season so we could sure use your help.

If you don’t have time or live far away, you can help out by donating something from their Amazon wishlist.

If you’re interested in adopting, you couldn’t have chosen a better time! Next weekend, May 31-June 1 is a special annual event in San Francisco: Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days, when all adoptions are free.

When I volunteer, I can hang out with fluffballs like this:



You may think that a volunteer has to do things like clean cages or mop floors, but it isn’t true. All you have to do is come in and cuddle with kittens like this:



Otherwise they just hang out in their cages all day and are very sad. And bored. Look at those eyes. How can you resist?



Many are cuddlebugs…





… who will literally fall asleep on you



And many are models, who like to lounge close by and bask in your company.

Of course, there are also older cats. They’re calmer, everlasting purrboxes. Here are a couple who wanted to curl up in my lap forever




And of course, I can’t forget to mention, my very own kitten came from SF ACC just about a year ago. The little weirdo purrs when she gets her nails trimmed and lays down only where it’s inconvenient for you. You want a cat just like her don’t you?

En bref:

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