San Francisco’s Legion of Honor

It’s my favorite museum in San Francisco and entry is free on the first Tuesday of each month. These photos are from my most recent trip last month.

Under that same arch

I should’ve been more diligent about writing down artists and titles corresponding these pictures, but instead I’ll just call it a scavenger hunt. Here are my favorites.

This one I admire for the color of the sky.

This sculpture of Rodin should be called “The Hokey Pokey”

Note the three pink roses at different stages of life. I overheard a docent talking about this painting, and it is deeper than it seems. You can enjoy it as just pretty flowers, sure, but it’s actually rich in social commentary and criticism as well.

It’s unfortunate that modern portraiture doesn’t seem to turn out this well. I guess it’s gone out of style

The next two were sisters. Alice Gray, who looks like a docile people-pleaser

and Sophie Gray, who looks like a defiant trouble-maker.

Okay, not technically art, but I like this chandelier and its wire-sock

I like sitting by this horsey and his man to write


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