Old friend

Let us applaud our way of living a lifetime
(condensed) in just one weekend
A day by the sea, a day in the forest
An evening of bright-burning stars

Boulevards lined with lighted trees
Balmy weather beneath swaying palms
The colors of the morning sky don’t look real
from the as-yet-not-open lifeguard stand

Your silent father, your jabbering mom
revealing your family’s history
over sausages of various spiciness,
all gathered around the kitchen table

Sweet and strange how we have changed
(I used to idolize you)
Now you’re the one holding on to my words
Sorry they aren’t what you wish they were

It isn’t me you want, it’s the memory
Don’t get yourself confused
Once a year or three we can pretend
That we are who we aren’t anymore

But, someday soon I hope we can
load all our friends in the Vanagon
along with strings of Christmas lights
and soak in the hot springs of Baja again

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