Credo of a Fabulous Monster

Hello, I’m a monster — so pleased to meet you
and here are my qualifications
my flesh tearing claws, my skull grinding jaws
my teeth sharpened on tendon and bone
my ego stands ten times bigger than any church door

I have a heart, oh, don’t say I don’t
It’s large and soft and armored
in seven layers of titanium and ice
It’s hard for a monster, you see
(everyone’s afraid of me)

I could try to play gentle, roll over, and fetch
I could pretend I don’t like to maim
But in my heart I hold out hope
That one day I’ll meet a little boy
Who, instead of a kitten or puppy, just wants a monster like me

I can be nice! (But I have high standards)
I can be sweet when no one else sees
No one can hurt me, but I want that to change
I’ll open my heart, all seven layers,
and let him crawl inside — warm and protected

But no one can see me and say
“I’d like this monster for an ally”
They want to tame, to chain, to make me nice
To dull my teeth and remove my claws
To box my ego down to their size

It’s a sad message, and one I no longer bend to
In captivity, I start losing my fabulous fur
My eyes get dull, my mind gets weak and all I do is sleep
I scrabble in circles, strange and unsure
In captivity, I’m really not worth my keep

But if you can watch me destroy with delight (and we can rebuild it better again)
If you can dream bigger, then bigger than that, then bigger again
Then maybe together we can fly beyond the clouds, among the stars
To where a little boy and his monster can rule,
(and I can be his and he can be mine)
ever feared, ever loved, forever, for all the rest of time.

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