On Reproduction

Unfortunately, some of the best people I know have no children and no intention of ever having children. It isn’t uncommon. My advisor doesn’t want kids. My friends who have started a non-profit to help women in Africa via water projects do not want kids. I know brilliant math researchers who can’t stand to be touched by others.

There are also many who doubt. They can’t answer philosophical questions like “why am I here,” and for fear of not being able to answer the questions of their future children (eg, “why did you bring me here?”) they don’t want to have kids. Or they doubt that their finances are sufficient to maximize opportunities for their children: private schools, piano lessons, college tuition, etc. Some doubt their genetics, knowing their families have a history of depression, diabetes, dementia, heart disease, cancer.

Meanwhile, who is reproducing? In the US, many religious people, people on welfare, teens who can’t be bothered with contraception, poor immigrants… In general, probably the stupider people. It is certainly true that less educated/less responsible/less intelligent people have shorter generations, with parenthood beginning much earlier (teens/early 20’s). The plot of Idiocracy could come to life before our eyes. It isn’t too hard to imagine, especially given the latest Programme for International Student Assessment results, which show the US lagging behind despite spending the 4th most per capita of any country surveyed. Other indications are abundant as well, such as what passes for news or food in the US.

This is my plea to you if you are reading this and have doubts about whether you want to have kids. A wise friend of mine once said, “If you are having these doubts, you are already more qualified than most of the people who are reproducing.” If you’re doubting, think again. And not just about adoption. The gene pool could probably use your genes. Intelligence is highly heritable. Thoughtfulness can be taught and is desperately needed in forthcoming generations. Boys — if you really can’t, do at least consider donating sperm. Girls — you can do it. We need you! The world needs you and your progeny. Or else it’ll be overrun by people like North West, offspring of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and nobody wants that…

One thought on “On Reproduction

  1. Dude you are like the only person making feel guilty for not having kids. Also scared because all the shits are having kids. I fear for the world.


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