Hibernation song

While I was sleeping, a sad-worm crawled in my ear
and tunneled into my brain, nestling in —

whispering grave doubts about everything

“What should I do? What do I want? Where should I go?”
There’s a one-size-fits-all answer now:
“Ich weiß nicht, Je ne sais pas, I don’t know”

Winter is here, the sun sets earlier now
My fingertips have lost all feeling
In my heart — a holiday covered in snow

I’m too proud to live on scraps
you know I’d rather starve
I hate feeling like a beggar

So, forgive me, but it’s warm in my nest
and alone is what protects me,
what saves me from the cold

I’m sorry I’ve been so spoiled
I’m sorry I can’t hear “No”
I’m sorry that all I can do now is go.

But if you want, come wake me in the springtime
Tell me when the sun paints the sea golden at nine
Wake me when it’s time for us to run away again

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