Grey, navy blue, black and grey again
Boring school skirt, grandpa cardigan
Don’t miss me, no, don’t do that, no
See the colors of my laundry?
I’m not interesting at all —
(credimi almen)

Sunsetting sunlight dies over the hills
you have better things to do
so put your fingers back on your keyboard
and your mind back in your work

If your thoughts go crawling after me
tell them, “Hush!
What’s meant to be will be.”

One day you’ll forget me
One fine day, none of this will matter
Until then, remember to eat
do your very best to sleep

Remember that I’m boring
also just sleeping, eating,
(rinsing, repeating)

Just, for me, don’t be sad
I’d rather think of you happy
Even if you’re far away
where everything’s uncertain
I hope you’re out there smiling

And if you must, MUST think of me,
think merely
“Oh that silly girl,
folding her boring laundry”

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