Finitely Many

I have heard twice or more now, stories from friends about girlfriends who demanded sweet emails daily. One forced himself to write poetry every day, one coded a “sweet email” generator, and I, as the laziest person you will ever meet, have written this one poem that (one hopes) might excuse me from the assignment altogether. Do you find my solution elegant? Read on, and feel free to use it as your own if this situation should ever plague you. I think it may cleverly also absolve you from ever using the words “I love you”.

There are finitely many words, my dear
that I can ever say to you
and finitely many again,
that I can ever hear

So if I’m silent, if I’m gone
If you haven’t heard from me in far too long
please take comfort
please, I beg you’ll remember why
remember this of finite lists:
there will always be a last

I desperately, so desperately, my darling
don’t want to run out
I don’t want to meet our last word, no

Everything I see, I see through your eyes and mine
Every thing entreats me, “Share me,
I will delight, you two will grow closer.
Share me, show me, tell my story.”

But I will resist, I will hide,
I won’t say a word.
It’s only because (deep down)
I fear

the day when we run out

Think of me as just a petty miser
Each word I speak bringing me closer…

to losing you

If only I could see how many words remain
Then I could say it once (just once)
My last words to you — though I’m sure you knew —
instead of maudlin goodbyes…

(I love you)

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