5 Small Joys

Right. So. Unfortunately, I don’t actually speak French. I found this idea from a friend’s blog. (He does). The idea: post 5 small joys every week. Without getting too far into the domain of “the power of positive thinking” and inspirational speaker nonsense, I thought, “why not, let’s try.”

1. The weather just turned in New Orleans, and it’s chilly enough that all 5 of my friend’s cats want to curl up with me in bed. Warm, happy, purring kitten pile.

2. The beginning of NaNoWriMo.

3. A new friend whose eyes shined so bright through hours of discourse at a garden party that no one else dared enter the conversation.

4. Ralph Lauren (faux?) alligator loafers for $5 at a thrift shop.

5. An aimless walk in the Sunday sun through the French Quarter. Finding etched crystal teacups and old books by the store-full.

nb: It was a difficult battle to not include the waffle, or the mac and cheese or the apple pie, or the beignets, or really any food on this list. Everyone knows I’m a glutton. No need to emphasize.

I also think this joy from my friend’s blog is sweeter than anything I have to say:

Se promener main dans la main dans les rues ensoleillées de San Francisco avec mon amoureux – être dans une véritable bulle rien que tous les deux.

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