Gender targeting

Real men don’t use shower poufs. At least that’s the thought behind the existence of things like the Axe shower detailer. It’s a joke, and we can laugh about it. “How ridiculous that men need to think of themselves as cars being detailed or else they can’t use shower gel and a shower pouf.”

But what about Goldie Blox? Are we saying that girls, even very young girls (it’s recommended for ages 6-9), are not able to engage with creative building toys like Legos without it being wrapped in pink, purple, puppies, kittens and a cute story and instructions book? An interview with the founder [linked below] reveals her motivation:

“Girls like to read, they like to tell stories.”

Really? Just like girls like pink and princesses? I don’t think this game deserves the praise it’s getting. Its existence is almost like saying that all other building toys are for boys, and here’s your little corner, girls. Here it is — it has ribbons and a story book!

I guarantee that if you start a child (of any gender) on Legos as soon as they know enough not to swallow them, they’ll play, build, create. Without any need to pander to gendered stereotypes. Just like if you start your baby boy on shower poufs as soon as he can wash himself.

Talking With Engineer and GoldieBlox Founder Debbie Sterling

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