Christmas and commercialisation

I know it’s all the rage to complain about how Christmas decorations are going on sale earlier and earlier each year. And how everyone’s lost the “true meaning” of Christmas underneath all of the ads, presents, and hype for the latest gadgetry. I’ll spare you.

A few weeks ago, I walked into the cellar of Macy’s in Union Square and saw that there were Christmas decorations for sale. For reference, this was at the beginning of October. I know what I’m supposed to feel, intellectually. Derision. Superiority. But I didn’t. Those twinkling lights reminded me of every good feeling I’ve ever had during the Christmas season. Of sleeping under the tree when I was eight in hopes of catching Santa. Of singing at Davies hall with chorus. Of draping my mother’s long-suffering fern with fairy lights until it drooped. Of decorating a kitchen island full of sugar cookies, including many dinosaurs. Of snow. Of ice skating at the holiday rink. Of sitting right next to the Oak St. tree so every breath would smell like holidays.

This season, really show them. If you hate the commercialization, then use it to your advantage. Don’t buy a thing. Just let it remind you of all sparkling times you’ve had in previous holiday seasons. Instead of letting any of it trigger annoyance, let it bring a smile to your face. Then, if you actually need things, get them at secondhand shops, make them yourself, or buy them when they’re 90% off at the after-Christmas sales.

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