Combating the ‘mehs’

If depression is a dark grey, then the mehs are a slate grey with an ugly twinge of yellow. The mehs are a luxury of the idle, and can be insidiously bad for living. The main symptom is that you feel “meh” about almost everything. The worse it gets, the more things fall into the “meh” category, until you’re experiencing full on anhedonia. Catch it early and these things may help.

cuddle — anyone warm and willing. Bonus points if you can find someone you like, who can also make you laugh. Laughter is fatal for the mehs.

go outside — you don’t have to have a destination or a purpose. Go out and see the sun. Go out and say hello to the sea. Go outside and read in the grass. Go outside and buy a maple donut or a bit of ribbon. Just go outside.

drink something warm — this is the English remedy for every problem. Tea. I have an entire cabinet dedicated to it, so if you need comfort, please invite yourself over.

plan to do something — if you’re in San Francisco, I recommend the blog Funcheap SF. Food, art, classical concerts, and free movie screenings are frequently posted. Novel experiences are a good way to chase away the mehs. It’s hard to have the mehs when you’ve got new and interesting things to think about.

random little things — I’ve found that these things help me, but they may be particular to me. Use my list as a guide to find your own little things, perhaps.

  • Pet a kitten until she purrs for you
  • Arrange things — kitchen drawer, bead collection, tool box, etc
  • Find a new piano piece or dust off a new one — play until your hands are warm again
  • Listen for the fog horns
  • Find out what the fox says
  • Go see your favorite statue or painting at the Legion of Honor
  • Have hot chocolate at the Cliff House
  • Go to a favorite park or find a new one and re-read The Little Prince
  • Write a long letter to an old friend

Needless disclaimer: if there is a reason you have the mehs, (dull job, dead relationship, etc) do try to fix those first. Thinking of those things may be uncomfortable, but you’ll have to eventually.

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