Death note

I was a child with a penchant for the macabre and recall writing my will every few years. In this childish document, I’d apportion out my finest possessions to my friends. The only things ever worth anything were an iPod and iBook in college.

Naturally, I was intrigued when I saw a headline about a soldier’s goodbye letter to his wife [linked below]. I would be absolutely gutted to receive a letter like that. Not because my love is dead, and not because the letter is touching. It’s only heartbreaking because it sounds like it was written by Hallmark. Perhaps you can purchase this in the card aisle, right after “Condolences” and before “Happy Birthday from Grandma” — it’s in the “Goodbye Letter to Wife” section. It could have been for anyone. If I were to use the CIA’s black highlighter to redact tired, overused statements, both letters would have no content.

Can I do better? I will do better in my next entry, and by gosh and by golly, my goodbye letter will be to my kitten, Cecilia.

Soldier’s heartbreaking goodbye letter


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