Little dolly

To be fair to poor N, whose baby pictures I looked at without so much as asking permission, I am posting a few of my own. Proof that I was once really cute.

I was going to post a nude (I saw ones of both N and his brother S), but I thought better of it. I was chubby and squishable baby.

I have always had the problem of being unable to tell long shirts from dresses, as you can see here. Note the hilarious frilly socks and little pink mary janes that complete my outfit. See that killer whale? He was my best friend for years, but I’ve lost him. Please tell me if you see him because I miss him terribly and I want him back in my life. This is me and my cello:

I also had a brontosaurus. Who I dressed up in sweaters. Thankfully, I still have him. I think he was my only guest at that birthday party. I was gleeful that I didn’t have to share my cake.

This was my favorite dress. I may have been singing rather than putting on the obligatory camera-smile. I wish I still had that dress so I can pass it on if I have daughters.

I was a happy child. Even as a baby, I’m told I didn’t cry unless I had a problem. I think you can still tell so clearly from my face what I feel. Swings! Love them.

Here’s one from a photo booth with my mom and my then-favorite ice cream: rainbow sherbert. I like photo booths. I’ll have to find one and take goofy pics again.


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