Blois (Part 2)

Must I begin every post on France by perjuring myself? Okay, I’ll admit this is from the road between Dijon and Blois, not actually from Blois. But the clouds were just too fluffy to resist.

When we arrived at our accommodations, the woman helping us said there was nothing to see in Blois. Except a shopping mall. She was mistaken. Located along the Loire, Blois was one of my favorite stops on this trip.

The light streamed perfectly for every shot I wanted.















The entry to the town hall gardens

And the view from the terrace there


A few vases of fleurs kept watch










And right under this fountain lay a pair of young lovers. I felt like I was intruding.

We found a scarecrow. These two could be twins!

We wandered the old streets all afternoon

(N has the patience of a saint, because I stopped constantly to fiddle with my camera to take these pictures)

We made it to a royal palace. Snuck in actually, just near closing time. There were hardly any others.















There was a chapel, and it was just N and I, so I sang a few lines of Ave Maria. The echoes made my small voice fill the entire space.

The guard just barely let me take this. I begged, “just one!” And he agreed. “Just one.”

I’m not sure I ever knew what this building was

N tells me this is the entry to the above pictured palace. And now I remember taking a photograph of it only after we left. That’s embarrassing. Thanks for the correction.

We caught the sunset over the Loire as we walked back to the car

There were four windows in this pirate ship, but only two had curtains. We conjectured that the pirate got a girlfriend, and they learned to compromise.

I walked haphazardly along the wall, right down to the water. N said merely “If you fall in I am going to laugh at you.” With that comforting pronouncement, I made it safely, and was rewarded with this lovely, lonely fleur. A sweet ending to a day of adventure.

To be continued…

nb: this is part of a series on my trip to France

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