Musee Mecanique

In other words, the most terrifying place in San Francisco. In case you don’t have enough abject horror in your life, you too can visit the Musee Mecanique at Fisherman’s Wharf.

I try to describe Laughing Sal to people, but I don’t think I explain it well. I tell them that she’s a large creepy woman that laughs like a psychopath, and this was supposed to be welcoming. I forget to mention, she’s about 9 feet tall and never stops laughing. Soulless, empty laughter forever. Oh, and she also sways towards you, hands wavering… Meet Sal:

I think these guys dance:

This is not the only execution you can watch for 25 cents:

This sailor looks like a haunted doll I read about once:

It’s unclear in the photo, but this shows buffalo goring a man to death:

Of course, there is a clown:

A mini-carnival assembled by actual convicts:

Matchstick ferris wheel patrons:

I can’t tell if he’s telling secrets or dying:

When I was in 1st grade, I visited the mechanical museum during a school trip. My mom gave me $5 in one dollar bills to try out the machines. However, none of the machines took dollar bills. So I found someone with quarters, and bought them at the favorable exchange rate of $1 per quarter. “Well,” I figured, “dollar bills are useless here anyway, even if they are worth more.” I also had no idea what the appropriate exchange rate should’ve been. Luckily, a teacher observed my stupidity and got my money back. That was when I was shown the magical contraption known to others as “the change machine.” I had also never met one of those before. When I remember how silly I was as a child, I wonder how it is that I’ve survived to be this old.


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