Safety razors: everything you need to get started

Welcome. I’m assuming you’re already convinced that you want to make the switch to shaving with a safety razor. If not, find the * and I will try to convince you. Here is everything I would buy if I had to shave:


Merkur “Futur” Safety Razor, Satin Finish


Parker 100% Silvertip Badger Bristle Shaving Brush (Chrome Handle)


Col. Ichabod Conk Brush and Razor Stand


Colonel Ichabod Conk Stainless Steel Shave Cup

Of course, last but not least, Proraso shave soap and double edge razor blades. The initial cost is much higher, but the recurring cost should be no more than $1-2 a month.

*Not quite sure you’re ready to make the switch? Pick which of these things you hate the most.

Being duped by advertising – Ah, wise choice. Gillette and other disposable razor manufacturers realize there’s no money to be made unless they can get you to keep buying expensive replacement blades. They can only do this by convincing you that 2 blades is better than 1, so 3 is better than 2, etc…

Spending too much money — I hate this the most. If it’s fair to estimate that a man who shaves regularly will spend about $5 per week on replacement blades for a system like Gillette’s Mach 3, this amounts to more than $250 per year. To contrast, replacement blades for a safety razor cost about $10 a year.

Irritated skin/bad shave — One result of having multiple blades is that skin gets damaged more easily. This is because the first blade does most of the cutting, and becomes dull faster then just drags along irritating the skin. The cost of replacement blades may also encourage people to continue shaving with dull blades. Safety razors offer a closer shave and less irritation, because your skin, covered with shaving soap, only gets one pass of the blade per stroke.

Clean-shaven-ness is something I strongly believe in. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope I’ve helped some of you.

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