16 hours a day

I just spoke with the founders of a startup, and they were telling me that they frequently work 12-16 hour days because they are just that excited about their product. Other than being paid some ridiculous rate like $500/hr, I can’t see why I would ever do anything for 12-16 hours a day. For your amusement, I’ll list things I could maybe do for 16 hours a day.

1. Lounge on the beach, given it doesn’t get too cold
2. Sleep, but probably I’d have to be dosed with carbs or be severely malnourished
3. Read a book from an addictive series like Twilight or Harry Potter
4. Wander around an interesting city*
5. Play bridge
6. Surf the internet*
7. Watch crap telly
8. Daydream
9. Shop
10. Holy shit I can’t even think of 10

* Maybe cheating because these activities cover a lot of sub-activities

2 thoughts on “16 hours a day

    1. Of course, Simon. It’s wonderful that some people are that interested in useful/important things. It’s just bizarre to me because I can’t imagine feeling that way about work.

      As for admirable, I’m not sure. I used to be that interested in Legos. And these guys are basically building a mobile app, so…


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