Salary negotiation

The title is misleading. I know nothing about salary negotiation, having never done it in my life.

But there are things worth factoring in that no one seems to remember. We don’t have much youth to spare. Our bodies slouch towards decrepitude, our freedom disappears as we take on more responsibilities. Cars, mortgages, pets, husbands, wives, children, aging parents restrict us more as time goes on.

Youth is worth more than most jobs will pay. Time, just idle time, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Even (especially?) if all 8 hours are spent staring blankly at a screen, bored and miserable, that time in a young person’s life should be appropriately compensated. No one ever gets it back.

The question to ask is, “How much are these years worth to me?” Ask a dying man how much money he would pay for an hour of being in his 20’s again. An hourly rate of $100 doesn’t seem so outlandish now, does it? Turn that hourly rate into a salary. Before you even factor in the job you will be doing and the qualifications that make you worth more than this base rate think about that dying man. Realize that one day, it will be you in his place.

Make sure you’re paid what you’re worth.


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