Friendzoning: a response

I have, in a previous post, mentioned this article on friendzoning as a sexist myth. I invited anyone who’s interested to discuss it with me. The following response is a good example of the attitude the original author objects to:

How quaint, a female attempting to scientifically disprove the friend-zone, a phenomenon that exclusively occurs in males. If you think that guys “owe” being nice to you, but you don’t “owe” anything in return is hilarious, because it takes the concept of feminism and burns it like a bra. Guys don’t “owe” you the time of day. Want to know what it’s like to be treated “normally” by a guy? become a lesbian, and you’ll see that doors stop getting opened, guys stop caring or even talking to you, and the friendliness dies entirely. Welcome to real treatment from guys: it’s like you don’t even exist. That’s how guys treat each other, and it’s also how we treat women we can’t get sex from.

That “niceness” that the article claims, “everyone should do it as it’s common courtesy,” is just incorrect. It’s a woman author, and she thinks that guys go out of their way to be nice to each other…we don’t. So she’s taking a special move that we perform for women (in the hopes of sex) and assuming it’s a normal gender-less move. As a feminist, she should be ashamed for demanding unequal treatment, plain and simple. If she thinks she’s “owed” having us be nice to her, she’s as delusional as the guys believing they’re “owed” sex.

It’s simple for guys: We are nice to women, we are supportive, and attentive, and sweet, for one thing…SEX. That’s it. don’t make good with the sex, piss off, cause we don’t want to hear it. women can pretend that guys who are direct (like this message) are being jerks and are the exception, but it’s also incorrect. I’d rather tell you that i want sex upfront than lie to you and make you think I really care (we don’t).

Those that claim that they don’t want it are actually just using that ploy because it’s easier to dupe women into thinking you really care, and they open up. it’s a tactic, like in chess, and they really don’t care. it’s just that most women aren’t too bright, and they don’t notice it’s a ploy, so they fall for it. Then once they fuck, the guy leaves and moves on, and the woman is left surprised, confused, and feeling like she was used by the guy…because she was.

It sounds messed up, but take a step back and REALLY think about it. It’s a supply and demand thing, and pussy is a valuable commodity. You don’t get something for nothing.

What I find particularly interesting is that I’ve only heard this type of response from two men and both of them claimed to speak for all men.

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