Feral humans

For the purposes of this entry I will define a feral human* as one who is dependent on government or foreign aid and will be for the entirety or near entirety of its existence. This dependence can be due to either lack of personal or regional development.

I’ve defined it this way because I’d like you to think of feral cat populations. The ASPCA has determined that a strategy called TNR (trap-neuter-return) is the most humane and efficient way to deal with feral cat populations. I think a similar solution can be used on feral human populations. That is, we can make aid dependent on voluntary sterilisation — for the recipient and its children.

Instead, we seem to be pouring billions in aid money a year into populations of feral humans that will never be able to live without it. Even with this aid, most are barely subsisting. Yet, they breed at an alarming rate, just like feral cats. If the goal of all these programs is really to reduce or ameliorate human suffering, I think a my suggested equivalent of TNR would be both more cost-effective and more humane.

*I know there is already a commonly accepted definition which differs from mine, so bear with me.

PS – if you enjoyed this, you might also like A Modest Proposal, which I’m sure was written just as seriously.

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