good hair

It has become increasingly important for me to indulge in small pleasures. Call it a part of my quarter-life crisis. I’m coming to terms with having to, you know, work for a living and do more or less the same little things every day until I’m too busy dying to enjoy doing other things. Tedious.

I bought my current hairbrush, the Mason Pearson Junior, because it was ridiculously expensive yet people rave about it. I’m about to do the same. Sort of. It does all the standard things you would expect from a good brush — untangles hair, makes it shiny, minimizes breakage, reduces static without affecting volume. But here’s the magic. Have you ever watched a cat get brushed? One who purrs continuously and arches his whole body into the stroke, eyes closed in ecstasy, hoping to never break contact with the brush? This brush enables me to be that cat.

If necessary, I can provide some convoluted logic to convince you that it’s worth the price.  Good hair is associated with good breeding and confidence. Both will give you an edge in job interviews, salary negotiations, and mate acquisition. The brush will more than pay for itself in the end.



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