Little one,

I hope that by now you’ve calmed and come to terms with your misapprehension. Have you any idea how sorely mistaken you are? Did you honestly think that I would prefer to be here, here with the dullards sniveling over their marks and comparing the importance of their daddies? I thought you were cleverer than that.

Really, I’d have thought you’d be overjoyed to be rid of me. No need to wait for me to be otherwise occupied to secretly go through my things and devour the contents of my books. You did always prefer my bed. Now I won’t be taking up space in it when you decide yours doesn’t suit.

You’ll be wanting to know why I left, if the first paragraph is to be believed. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but I’m very nearly out of things to teach you. I’m playing the part I’ve always played — I’m here seeking everything worth knowing so I can show you one day. Please find enclosed a text on cryptography. Perhaps it will be easier for you to say everything you wanted to say to me when we last met if you know for a fact that only I will be able to decipher it.

(Disclaimer: This is part of the letter series)

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