You live my favorite Oscar Wilde quote. You were, you are, the very definition of charming. I didn’t think a thing about you when we first met, but your playful smile was infectious. How long can a person resist a giant puppy like you?

Most can’t, I suppose. Until they find the teeth. Not me, though. When I found those, I just wanted to be bitten. It was good that circumstance split us when it did — you would’ve eaten me alive. And I would have loved it.

That was a dangerous game we were playing wasn’t it? Not for us. Oh, for us it would’ve been such riotous fun: wits matched, swords drawn, teeth bared, eyes locked. We would have been quite the spectacle. It’s just good that I was gone before we could hurt the innocent. The world is certainly brighter because you exist. Never, ever change.

(Disclaimer: This is part of the letter series)

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