Sailor fantasy

No, it’s not what you think. I don’t fantasize the way other people do. This is a recent one.

After a dull day at work, I stopped by my favorite stationery store for mindless browsing. I brought a few little things to the register — just mildliners and stickers. As I paid, the cashier asked if I was registered for their loyalty program. I was, so I gave her my name. She typed my name into the system and said, “Oh, hm. I have something for you.” She handed me a paper bag. “What’s this?” She didn’t have a clue.

Outside the store, under the dome of the shopping center, I looked in the bag. There was a box and a letter. Contained in the box was this pen. The letter was written in a beautiful but nearly illegible hand. It said simply,

Darling Dolly,

I hear you like demonstrators. 

I love you. 

<3, B 

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