Worship-worthy test

When I hear about a god, in particular, a god that wishes for worship, I ask one question to figure out if he’s worthwhile. Given everything I know about the god, is he at least as good as the best possible human (hence abbreviated bph) I can imagine?

If the answer is no, then he’s clearly not worth worshipping. So, I have eliminated all “jealous” gods right off. The bph would not be jealous. I can also eliminate any god that wants people to worship him, since even an average schmuck of a human wouldn’t want that. I can eliminate with prejudice any god that has committed murder of any kind, especially annihilation of entire populations. Even worse are gods who sacrafice their own children — for any reason. The god of Christianity isn’t looking so good by my standards…

Of course, apologists will say that I can’t judge their god on the same level as humans. I agree. A god should be at least as good as someone I would consider a decent human. If a god can’t meet that minimum standard, there’s no way for me to summon any genuine worshipful feelings.

Edit: How could I possibly forget to include the exception of my darling Loki. Of course, my choice to forgive him all his faults and adore him anyway is my own and I would never recommend that to anyone who hasn’t been similarly charmed by the trickster god.

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