Poolside lurker

I went to the pool today, wearing this white, flouncy… well. It’s one of those “is this a dress or is it a shirt” things. I even had my lunchbox with me. This was in an effort to appear too young, or perhaps crazy. Because that offsets the sexy of someone who wears more-or-less lingerie in public right?

Being at the pool reminded me of a slightly terrifying experience I had years ago. I was the only person at my apartment building’s pool. I was there for maybe an hour before I left, just swimming and sunning myself. On my way out, a mentally retarded boy started following me. He had been crouched behind some bushes, watching me for who knows how long. It wasn’t far to the door, but he caught up with me and said in his scary voice “You’re pretty. I want to touch you…” And then, he reached out and tried to. Luckily, I made it inside the door and closed it in time. It reminded me of this Salad Fingers episode:

Also, it’s instructive. It’s what I’ve kept in mind all these years when I’ve been tempted to flirt with anyone. I remember that they may find me just as horrifying as I found that poolside lurker.

Remind me sometime, and I’ll tell you the story of why I’m terrified to my core of mentally retarded people.

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