Avoid TSA inspections

I’ve said it so often it’ll probably be my gravestone quote. I would rather risk the small chance of something horrible happening (dying in a plane crash due to terrorists) than face the absolute certainty of something annoying happening (being inspected/pilfered from by the TSA).

I have a theory about TSA inspectors: if they see anything that might be electronics or related goods, thats good enough to qualify you for a “random” inspection. The TSA has done nothing for me this past decade besides stealing various chargers and cables. The latest? My toothbrush charger. New, it’s $30. On eBay, it’s around $20. That’s what, 2 hours pay for a TSA inspector?

To avoid being inspected, don’t pack anything worthwhile. In particular, keep the following in your carry-ons:

* chargers and cables
* computers
* cameras (especially nice ones)
* other small electronics (Kindle, iPad, DS, etc)
* jewelry

The rest they have no interest in. Even if you did pack Prada stilettos.

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