Strange diction

I’m not picking on anyone. These are just strange things I’ve noticed that I don’t like much.

Usage: software engineers, when veering off topic at a meeting, will say “let’s continue this conversation offline.”

Why I don’t like it: in what ways are in-person (aka, not actual over-the-internet) meetings “online”? So why is non-meeting time considered “offline”?

Usage: Mormons, speaking of enjoying something, e.g. “I just want to soak up these wonderful times at family home evenings.”

Why I don’t like it: sounds awkward. Soaking is also slang for swindling, right? And it’s what happens when you stand in the rain?

Usage: Parents of small children who don’t want to swear. “That is so stinkin cute.”

Why I don’t like it: it reminds me of parents who freak out if people swear near their precious children, as if they won’t eventually learn bad words anyway. As if exposure will scar them forever. It also lacks creativity in the same way that swearing does. But without the oomph.

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